Our staff is fully trained following our in-house, and outside training program based on the standard and quality programs for each airline we served fullfilling their requirements before, during, and after  operations.

Our personnel staff is composed by:

  • Counter and Ticketing Agents


  • Motor and Vehicles Mechanics

  • Loaders

  • Dispatch Agents

  • Cargo Agents





  •          Tow Bars.

  •        Towing Tractors.

  •      KLoaders.

  •      Baggage Carts.

  •      Conveyor Belt Loaders.

  •      GPU 115 V .

  •      GPU 28 V .

  •      ASU (Air Start Unit).

  •      Lavatory Cart.

  •      LD3, LD8, Dollies.

  •      Forklifts (18,000 lbs, 14,000lbs, 10,000lbs, 4,000lbs).

  •       Air Conditioners.

  •       Stairs.

  •       Hidraulic Jacks

  •       Extinguishers

This company provides qualify services, and we are also certified by the Honduran Civil Aviation Authorities, reason why we must accomplished maintenance procedures for equipment in accordance with the manuals.


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